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What to Expect When Getting Dentures for the First Time

We all know that good-looking teeth not only improve your smile but also boost your self-confidence. You have been taking good care of your teeth but, unfortunately, something beyond your control has made you lose some or all of them. Dentists and medical doctors explain that there are many causes of such scenarios: it could be due to an accident, injury, illness, or mouth diseases.

After visiting your dentist, it may have been suggested that you should get dentures as soon as possible to replace some or even all of your teeth. At this point, you are perplexed and wondering what this procedure is all about! Typical of all human beings, the idea of fitting something new into your mouth can be completely nerve-racking. You are thinking about having some of your teeth extracted and imagining severe pain in your mouth. By and large, it can be an overwhelming experience, especially if it is your first time to undergo the procedure.

Well, in this article, we have you covered as we take you slowly into the world of getting dentures. In light of this, therefore, let us give you some heads-up on what you should expect when getting dentures.

First visit

If you experience some of the challenges mentioned briefly in the introductory section, you need to see a dentist as soon as possible. Your first visit involves a comprehensive dental examination for proper evaluation of the condition of your teeth. Once the dentist has completed the evaluation and prescribes getting dentures, he will proceed to select the best type. There are many types of dentures, but be aware of the four common ones, which include full dentures, implant dentures, partial dentures, and flexible partial dentures. Each type is chosen based on the condition of your teeth such as size, color, and shapes. To better suit personal needs, dentures are also chosen based on the individual’s age, gums, and chewing strength.

Fitting dentures

It is also important for patients to know the entire process of fitting dentures in advance to reduce panic levels. The truth of the matter is that the process is simple and straightforward. Before teeth extractions and dentures fitting, dentists will often prepare the patients by taking them through all the steps. Doctors will further explain what to expect during the process and offer advice for the time afterward to keep patients feeling fully informed and comfortable.

After the brief discussions, your teeth molds will be taken to create a tailored denture. The doctor will use bite molds (wax-looking blocks) to check and confirm whether your biting action is appropriately aligned. After that, patients may be required to choose the color and shape of their new teeth. Once that is done, the dentist proceeds to set your new teeth in wax so you can see how the final work will look and feel. Finally, the dentures are fitted into your gums.

Adjustment period and a new life with dentures

Once the dentures have been fitted, it will feel strange to have them in your mouth. For the first one or two days, dentures will feel too heavy or large in your mouth. While this is a normal feeling, shortly, your tongue, mouth, and facial muscles will get adapted to the additions. People undertaking this procedure should note that daily tasks such as speaking and eating may require a little practice at first but, in no time, you will be back to normalcy. The good news is that your doctor will advise you on the best foods you should be eating and products to use when cleaning your mouth.

Adhere to doctor’s visiting schedule

It may take several weeks from your first denture fitting to the day where you will feel wholly at ease wearing dentures. That does not mean you should skip making regular visits to your dentist! Ensure you make four to five appointments with your dentist over a period of one to two months. During these visits, your doctor will ensure that the dentures are fitted appropriately and stay in good condition along with the rest of your mouth.

Are you still terrified about getting dentures? Well, we believe after you read this article, you are now ready to face the procedure with ease. This dental option will undeniably return your mouth to optimal function and form as it offers plenty of benefits. Dentures enable wearers to enjoy life to the fullest and the process is not complicated at all, contrary to what you may have imagined!

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