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Top 5 Foods to Avoid When You Have Braces

Braces are small structural components that an orthodontist attaches to the front (or even the back) of teeth to guide them, correct biting position, and to improve the dental appearance. Since they are usually made of metal and clinical-grade cement, braces are tough and long lasting. In fact, with the modern technologies, this teeth enhancement option is becoming sturdier than ever before. However, that does not mean that the wearer should not observe general teeth care & maintenance.

It is important to note that braces, just like your teeth, are susceptible to damages arising from eating certain types of food. More often than not, your dentist you will advise you to refrain from eating hard, sticky, or chewy foods lest it cause severe damage to the components of the braces, like the wires, rubber bands, or even the brackets themselves. You will probably experience some pain when damage occurs.  You will also incur extra costs and have to spend time getting them repaired. So, what are those 5 foods to avoid eating when wearing braces?

1). Chewing gum

We all know it is hard to resist the urge to have a bite of a bubble gum, sugary gum, or chewing gum, but doctors and other dental specialists advise you not to give in. This is because this gum is incredibly sticky and will often stick to the brackets and wires of your braces, causing a nightmare during cleanup. If you have the urge to taste your favorite gum, please hold on until you are done with this dental procedure!

2). Hard foods

Raw fruits like apples, nectarines, or pears and uncooked vegetables like whole carrots, cauliflower, celery, and broccoli are not only tasteful but also provide the most sought-after nutrients perfect for your health. Most people bite them whole using the front teeth. If you are wearing braces, then you need to refrain from this biting habit going forward because raw vegetables or fruits can forcibly bend the wires and pop brackets off of your teeth. If you must eat foods in this category, then consider chopping them into smaller slices or wedges before munching.

3). Drinks with high contents of sugar

We all enjoy drinking sodas, tea, coffee, and other sugary stuff when indulging in refreshment. They are sweet and tasty, but on the flipside, it can be disastrous if you are wearing braces. These drinks may deposit high amounts of sugar and acids inside the brackets. It is unfortunate that these deposits cannot be removed entirely by daily flossing and brushing, and so they keep on accumulating, which can cause tooth decay.  Sugary drinks can also cause an accumulation of plaque, which can disintegrate the adhesive attaching the braces to the teeth.

4). Popcorn

Popcorn is the perfect snack to reach for when you are having relaxing and enjoying a movie. However, it can be harmful to your teeth, especially if you are wearing braces. This is because popcorn kernels often get lodged in braces or can break them.  You will probably have a terrible time trying to remove them.

5). Nuts

Yes, nuts are crunchy and delicious! However, it is a no-no for people wearing braces. This is because most nuts are hard and, when you try crunching them between your teeth, tiny particles get stuck in your braces. Unfortunately, it is hard to remove anything minute lodged into your braces!  Nuts can also cause brackets to pop off of your teeth.

Those are just a few foods that you need to avoid at all costs if you are wearing braces. If you don’t give in to your cravings for these foods, then your life with braces will be a lot easier. Since proper teeth brushing and flossing is somewhat difficult when having braces, it is important to keep your mouth clean by avoiding culprits that are difficult to remove from your braces.

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