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What Can You Do About the Smell On Your Dentures and What’s The Cause of It?

Taking care of your dentures is a commitment and you need to make sure that you’re putting in the relevant efforts needed to maintain your dentures. But even if you feel like you’ve been putting the right efforts into its maintenance, they can start to smell bad. 


Have you been using your dentures for a while and you suddenly feel that there’s a bad smell coming from them? This is normal as your dentures accumulate all the same bacteria that are present on your natural teeth and gums. Some of these bacteria are the reason why your teeth might be smelling bad. But there are other possibilities for this as well. 


Reasons for bad-smelling dentures


Two common reasons why your dentures smell bad are the irregular cleaning and buildup of bacteria. Both of these things are the underlying reasons for your dentures to smell bad.


  1. Irregular denture cleaning

Cleaning your denture is an important part to ensure that they are safe from damage and tartar. However, if you’re not regular at keeping your dentures clean, then there’s a chance that your dentures don’t smell too great. Just like teeth, dentures need to be cleaned twice a day to make sure that they are clean. If you’re not following the set pattern, then your dentures will end up smelling bad. 


  1. Bacteria buildup

As you become irregular with your cleaning habits, there’s an excessive buildup of bacteria in your mouth. This leads to the production of yeast under the denture leading to your dentures smelling bad all the time. Bacteria buildup is the result of not maintaining proper oral hygiene and not visiting your doctor sufficient times during the year. 


Ways to get rid of the denture smell


Dentures can smell extremely bad if you don’t maintain them properly. The best ways that you can make sure that they stop smelling the way they do is by making sure that you’re regular at cleaning them. Only then can you ensure that your denture doesn’t smell bad. Other things that you can do to remove the bad smell from your dentures is by practicing the following methods. 


  1. Soak dentures overnight

Make a habit of soaking your dentures overnight in water and vinegar. Don’t let them stay in your mouth. Soaking them can help make the cleaning bit easier and you will also be able to get rid of the smell. 


  1. Remove dentures regularly

Don’t keep your dentures in your mouth for too long. Remove them after you eat food and clean them out so that when you place them back in, they’re clean. The more frequently you take your dentures out, the better it is for them, and you! 


  1. Get your hands on relevant cleaning tools

Using mouthwashes and brushing your dentures regularly can ensure that they stay fresh and clean. Make sure to invest in good-quality brushes that don’t harm your dentures and cleaning paste that is designed specifically for dentures. 


Bad smelling dentures can be worrisome, but there’s so much you can do about it! Stick to regular cleaning and soaking them overnight, and you will be good to go. No more worrying about bad-smelling dentures again.

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