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How Do You Get Rid of the Tartar From Your Dentures?

Taking care of your dentures is essential when it comes to your oral hygiene. While you may be practicing dental hygiene, there’s a chance you’re not doing this properly leading to the development tartar over time. Rest assured, there are ways that you can combat tartar and get rid of these from your dentures.


But, before we move on to understanding how to clean up your dentures, you must make sure that you’re prepared with all the necessary items. You will need to be in your bathroom, standing over your sink to make sure that you have access to water and a toothbrush to get your dentures cleans. 


Taking off your dentures


To start, you will need to relieve your dentures from your mouth and place them in their containers to prepare cleaning them. Keep a clean towel next to the sink so that if you need to keep your dentures down for a bit, you can do so without damaging them or keeping them directly on the surface of the sink. Once you have all of this ready, you’re ready to begin cleaning your dentures and getting rid of the tartar build upon them. 


Soaking dentures before cleanup 


Before going ahead and brushing your dentures, you must soak them in a solution of vinegar and water. Vinegar is an excellent way to get rid of the build-up and keeping your dentures clean throughout. Soaking them will allow the building to break down properly. 


It is advised that you must always use a vinegar mixture to ensure better hygiene and cleaning, otherwise, using only water won’t be as effective. Let your dentures soak for a bit before heading to the next step. 


Brushing dentures gently


After letting your dentures soak in the vinegar and water solution for a while, you can take them out and start brushing then gently throughout. You need to make sure that you’re not applying too much pressure while you do this as it may cause your dentures to get damaged. Keep light pressure on as you brush in circular motions over the dentures. 


Get hold of a cleaning paste for your dentures and apply it over them as you brush them. This will help remove the tartar build-up much better. Make sure to brush your dentures at least twice a day to make sure that you can avoid excessive tartar formation over them. 


Soak overnight and rinse thoroughly before use


A great way to ensure that your dentures remain clean and free of tartar is by soaking them in denture solution overnight. It helps make sure that your dentures remain fresh and clean. All you have to do before wearing them is to rinse them out thoroughly to make sure that there isn’t any solution left over from the overnight soak. 


Following these steps will surely minimize the tartar build-up on your dentures and also remove it from the. But, if you find that these steps aren’t working for you, then it’s best to consult a professional to help you out in getting rid of the tartar buildup.