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Are Your Wisdom Teeth Causing You Problems?

Wisdom teeth are a typical problem that affects a vast percentage of individuals.  They ordinarily develop in between the ages of 16 and 25.  A few people get them even before while in others they might be delayed for many years and a few people, wisdom teeth never develop at all.  Wisdom teeth can cause problems when they erupt if the jaw is already occupied by other teeth.  In such situations, they can jut out into other teeth or sideways causing crowding problems, causing your teeth to become impacted.  Surgical removal is essential in situations where the teeth become infected, painful or inflamed.

The only remedy for over crowding  is careful extraction and the problem can’t be corrected by any other means.  In specific cases, the teeth develop just incompletely, for instance a single part of the teeth may reach out past the gum line and the other parts of the tooth remain under the gum line, forming a fold over it.  Food particles may get caught in the fold and prompt bacterial infections, painful gums and inflammation.  The only permanent solution in these cases is to undergo a dental procedure to extract the wisdom teeth causing you all of the above problems.

When Should I Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Generally, it is best to remove wisdom teeth between ages 16 and 22 if possible.   Much the same as other teeth, wisdom teeth form into the jawbone but we can have wisdom teeth come in at any time during your life.  The tooth’s crown is first formed before it is pushed up once the tooth root is developed.  Among young adults, root formation is not yet complete, so there are fewer risks and complications.

How is Wisdom Tooth Removal Done?

After sedation, the dentist will administer a local anesthetic. The procedure takes about 30 minutes or less depending on your circumstances. Recuperation time will highly vary depending your age and level of gum inflammation.  Any discomforts like swelling can last for up to 5 days among patients but the dentist can prescribe you some pain medication if needed.

What are the Risks of Wisdom Teeth Removal?

There are some risks for wisdom tooth extraction.  There is a possibility that you will feel added discomfort when the blood clot that forms in your tooth pockets after surgery is dislodged.  This is called a dry socket and is a very common complication, particularly among smokers but we don’t see this very often.

In spite of the fact that wisdom teeth extraction has its advantages, it is important that we also look into its potential risks and problems. This is why it is important to get the procedure done by an experienced dentist to lessen the risk of any problems from developing.  Schedule a consultation with a dental professional in your area now to learn more

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