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8 Foods That Can Help Whiten Your Teeth

There are several common, but oh so delicious foods and beverages that end up staining our pearly whites. Most notably is tea, coffee, and even red wine! However, what many of us perhaps don’t know is that there are foods that do the opposite.

Yes, if you did not know, there are several foods as well as drinks that work towards scrubbing away stains from our teeth leaving them looking brighter, whiter, and even stronger. Alternatively, you can use teeth whitening products like charcoal. You can take a look at authority on dental charcoal, for more information and what benefits it does for brightening your smile.

To help you feed your curiosity, below is a list of 8 foods that can help whiten your teeth:

  • Apples – Apples have a crunchy texture that acts as a mild abrasive for scrubbing away all the plaque that dulls your teeth.Apples are more like a designer toothbrush from nature to you! Chewing apples also promotes saliva production, a factor that helps suppress the development of plaque where stains attach.
  • Carrots – Like apples, the crunchy, hard texture of carrots can help scrub your teeth. However, raw carrots are what dentist sand nutritionists recommend since cooked ones are unfortunately too soft to help create the scrubbing effect.
  • Nuts – Nuts, such as cashews and walnuts, have an abrasive texture. It is this texture that works to eradicate surface stains,acting like a natural exfoliator for your teeth.
  • Strawberries – Did you know strawberries are good for your pearly whites? Yes, to get their teeth whitening effect, mash a few of them up into a paste and then go on to rub it on your teeth. Afterward, rinse your mouth and smile!
  • Broccoli – According to a study on the effect of broccoli on the enamel, this iron-rich veggie helps fortify teeth against bacteria which causes both tooth decay and stains. As per the study, this happens because the iron created an acid-resistant coating on the teeth surface, reducing direct contact which might lead to wear and tear. When consumed raw, broccoli abrades your tooth surfaces gently and removes any unsightly stains leaving them shiny white!
  • Onions – Although onions do not necessarily leave you feeling confident about your breath, they contain sulfur compounds which prevent the formation of plaque on your teeth (not to mention that it is highly likely you will brush your teeth right after you eat them). The one condition with onions is that they are most effective when eaten raw since it allows the release of bacteria-reducing compounds known as thiosulfonates andthiosulfinates which promote healthier teeth by suppressing plaque production.Additionally, since it is colorless, onions will of course not stain the teeth.
  • Oranges – Consuming tart fruits like an orange or a pineapple can lead to your mouth producing more saliva that subsequently washes your teeth naturally. What’s more, orange “flesh” helps neutralize acid in your mouth which causes tooth decay. One thing worth noting, however, is that you should refrain from the use of lemons as excess acidity can lead to teeth damage.
  • Pears – Similar to oranges, the flesh of a pear helps in neutralizing the acid in your mouth which causes tooth decay.

Now that you know which foods can actually help brighten your smile, go have a healthy, tooth whitening snack!

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