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Why Do You Have Sensitive Teeth?

Is a spoonful of ice cream enough to make you flinch due to the discomfort it causes your teeth?

Do you need to take care when you drink a cup of hot coffee so that none of it touches your teeth? If you understand the sensation, then you are among millions who experience tooth sensitivity. Let’s take a more detailed look at what triggers tooth sensitivity and what can we do about it.


How We Feel Sensitivity In Our Teeth

Each of our teeth is covered in a layer of protective enamel. Beneath this is dentin, which is a lot like bone. Dentin includes countless tiny tubules that go through it from within the tooth out to the enamel. At the core of each tooth is the pulp chamber, which includes nerves and capillaries. Those tubules, the nerves inside the tooth, can identify what’s taking place on the tooth’s surface area.


Typical Reasons For Tooth Sensitivity

If the enamel deteriorates, the tubules end up being exposed and the nerves in the oral pulp all of a sudden get far more stimulation than they like. This is what makes enamel disintegration among the primary reasons for tooth sensitivity. Without enamel, the nerves get a nasty shock whenever anything too hot or cold, or perhaps too sweet or sour, touches beyond the tooth.

  • Root direct exposure from gum economic downturn likewise causes sensitivity. The enamel just covers the crown of the tooth, not the roots. Those are safeguarded by the gums. As the health of the gums decline (often the outcome of teeth grinding or inappropriate brushing over time), it exposes the roots.
  • Cavities and tooth injuries can trigger sensitivity too, even if you have actually been taking terrific care of your gums and enamel.


Using The Right Tools To Safeguard Your Teeth

For all of us, there are methods to battle back, even if our teeth are currently delicate. Utilizing a soft-bristled brush will assist in avoiding more enamel disintegration or gum problems. There is also unique toothpaste developed for delicate teeth. Preventing sweet and acidic foods and beverages (especially soda) is another method to keep your teeth healthy.


We Can Help You To Combat Tooth Sensitivity

Your finest ally in the battle versus tooth sensitivity is the dentist! Set up an oral consultation as quickly as you see changes in your sensitivity level, or if you have actually been fighting with it for a while. The dentist can help keep your teeth strong with a fluoride varnish, carry out repair work to fight enamel disintegration, and might suggest a gum graft for declining gums, or recommend a toothpaste to assist with sensitivity.

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