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The Pros of Invisalign

An excellent and healthy smile is the key to a smart and pleasant personality. But many people, feel awkward to smile freely in front of others due to the shape of their teeth,  hence it becomes essential for such people to fix their teeth to help with their self esteem.  People nowadays prefer this treatment over metal brackets for straightening their teeth.  A series of bright, custom-made thermoplastic aligners are worn to help shift the teeth into proper position.  Although this can be a more costly option, it is an option that is more convenient than metal braces. Once you wear them, they are set on the teeth in such a way that it becomes entirely invisible to the others.

Over the long course of treatment, you’ll be first supplied with a set of aligners which will set the tooth position by making slight adjustments.  This process is mapped out by your Tempe dentist in advance, which depends on your situation.  As the aligners are placed, the teeth gradually shift and get adjusted from their current position.  As this process gets over after approximately two weeks, the doctor will give you another set of aligners which you need to use to continue the straightening process.

How does Invisalign efficiently move the teeth?
This thermoplastic designed aligner can be efficiently used to place the teeth appropriately by moving them through controlled forces.  These aligners not only control the placement force but also adjust and maintain the timing of the application of the force.  During each stage, all the teeth do not move instead only certain teeth are allowed to modify.  These are determined by the doctor when he/she uniquely maps out the Invisalign treatment plan.

Primary Pros of Invisalign over normal metal braces
The main advantage of using such aligners is that they’re virtually invisible as no one can notice that you are wearing them.  It makes Invisalign aligner a seamless fit for your lifestyle. Unlike braces these are removable, and you may open them while brushing your teeth and flossing or while eating and drinking. But for a timely outcome and the best results.

You can even view your treatment plan and practical result before starting the Invisalign treatment.  You can see how you and your teeth will look like after those are straightened after the completion of the treatment process. Hence you can imagine and understand how will you feel and look like with those lovely and straightened teeth. Therefore there will be no more speculation on guessing how you look once you spend so much on teeth straightening.

Is it painful?

Not as painful as you think!  Although it may be an slightly uncomfortable experience, you have to tolerate a little pain for a few days as the aligners give pressure on teeth for moving them slowly during the initial phase of treatment.  It can also lead to a slight speech problem for a few days. But don’t worry; with the best Invisalign treatment, you won’t a lot of pain and your teeth will look great!

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