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Six common causes of sensitive teeth

Do iced tea, cold water, or hot coffee cause pain in your mouth? Do you often wince when it comes brushing your teeth, especially in the morning? If you experience discomfort when drinking, eating or brushing your teeth, then you probably are suffering from something called tooth sensitivity. This kind of dental problem is one of the leading complains dentists in Tempe, Arizona get from their patients. Typically, tooth or gum sensitivity make brushing and eating a painful experience. It does not stop there though; breathing in cold air often sends sharp pain through your mouth. While this malady is very uncomfortable, the good news is that there are plenty of effective treatments but knowing what causes the problem goes a long in preventing it. Considering this, therefore, we unveil some of the most common causes of sensitive teeth.

1). Brushing teeth with too much force

It is unfortunate that some good intentions can lead to extremely bad results, and so it the case of brushing your teeth using excessive force. The situation becomes even worse if you are using a hard, stiff-bristled brush. Excessive force when brushing can wear down the teeth and over time, the abrasion reduces the teeth’s protective layers, which exposes the inner-microscopic canals that lead to the dental nerves. When nerves are exposed, it is obvious that you will experience some level of sensitivity or discomfort especially when the affected regions come into contact with cold or sticky foods.

2). Eating acidic foods

Acidic foods like lemon, tomato sauce, kiwi, pickles, and grapefruits (the list is just endless) form part of our balanced diet and plays some great roles in our bodies. However, too much of it can be detrimental to oral health. This is because it can wear down the teeth’s enamel, exposing the sensitive nerves. The results of this erosion are obvious!

3). Use of a Whitening toothpaste

During routine dental checkups, you will be told by your dentist that you should regularly brush your teeth and he may recommend a particular toothpaste. Why do they recommend you use a particular paste? Dentists recommend the toothpaste that they think will best serve the patient’s individual needs. Did you know that using tooth-whitening toothpastes can cause severe damage to your teeth? Many manufacturers blend their formulas with strange chemicals and some contain alcohol besides other active ingredients. It has been proven that these can cause tooth sensitivity.

4). Grinding teeth

Many people have been known to unconsciously clenching or grinding their teeth, especially during the night hours while asleep. This habit has the impact of wearing down the enamel. Over time, it exposes the dentin or can even reach the innermost tooth layers that lead to the teeth nerves, which ultimately result in teeth sensitivity.

5). Excessive plaque or gum disease

The sole aim of brushing or flossing your teeth is to remove the plaque that builds up after eating food. Plaque buildup may cause wear and tear of the tooth enamel. In the end, the tooth loses protection and becomes sensitive to hot or cold foods and drinks.

Periodontal disease and gingivitis are some of the most common examples of gum diseases that can cause tooth sensitivity. Gum diseases cause the gum line to recede, revealing the dentin in the teeth. If you did not know, dentin is what lies beneath the enamel tissue, and it is extremely sensitive when exposed.

6). Having a dental procedure

It is a common phenomenon to experience some level of sensitivity after undergoing some dental procedures like crown installation, tooth filling, tooth extraction, or root canal. While it may cause severe tooth sensitivity, the good news is that these symptoms disappear shortly after your mouth heals from the procedure.

If you have sensitive teeth, then do not neglect daily oral care. It is advisable that you gently brush or floss your teeth using the appropriate toothpaste. If symptoms persist, do not hesitate to contact us in Tempe, Arizona for an appointment.

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