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Improving Your Smile with Dental Veneers

In some cases, veneers provide “instant orthodontics,” erasing chips, stains, and even poorly discolored teeth. The length and size of teeth can be altered, or rotated teeth can be made to look straight. While it sounds like a long process, the step from one smile to another is often less time-intensive than you may think.


Dental veneers, as we will discuss can be somewhat costly. Also, many times dental insurance companies do not cover dental veneer treatment – as they consider this to be an elective dental procedure. In this local dentist veneers blog, we will discuss dental veneers treatment and some of the costs involved.


Veneers offer a conservative way to repair unsightly teeth, and the steps needed to deliver the best smile demand an advanced level of training and experience. When you choose a dentist you trust, you’re in the right place to end up with new confidence in your appearance. A big advantage of having dental veneers done, as compared to full dental crowns on the front teeth – is that, with the dental veneer, your dentist will only have slightly trim mostly the front of your teeth.  With dental crowns, the front and back of the teeth will need to be drilled down, for the crown to go like a hat – onto the tooth.


A Smile That Reflects You


Meticulous planning and attention to the design of your smile are vital to an acceptable outcome with veneers. Models, photographs, and digital x-rays are brought together by your dentist to create an ideal blueprint for your case. Like all successful projects, this planning leaves little margin for errors. Your dentist will listen to your input and incorporate your desires into your specific case. Color, shape and other subtle factors play vital roles in the overall plan that’s put together.


Once your case design is finalized, you generally only need two appointments until you’re enjoying a terrific new smile. At the first visit, the teeth are precisely prepared in some areas to allow space for an expert lab technician to sculpt the artistic porcelain. Your dentist provides all the information to the specialized lab that’s needed to create your personal masterpiece.


Your dentist also creates temporary acrylic restorations that mimic the veneers. Worn for 2-3 weeks, these temporaries provide a preview of the expected appearance of your upcoming smile and allow you to give more input regarding the final product of your new smile.


The New  and Better You


After fully customized craft work in the lab, you’ll return for a highly anticipated appointment. Your dentist will try in each veneer and analyze the appearance and fit, giving you an opportunity to preview the new version of your smile. A series of precise steps solidify the veneers onto the fronts of your teeth, creating an extremely powerful link between the tooth and porcelain material. Minor adjustments to your bite and a final polish will be a perfect finish.  You may leave scratching your head and wondering why you waited so long to make a big improvement in your life!

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