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How Do Dentures Make Your Face Look Young?

Some patients put off getting dentures because they fear dentures will make them look older. Although dentures may affect your appearance, you’ll be happy to hear they often make our patients look younger.


It’s becoming more common for patients to choose dentures for aesthetic purposes in addition to their many health benefits. A rejuvenated smile can go a long way to a more youthful appearance and a restored sense of self confidence. 


We’ve spoken at length about the many health benefits of dentures (eating more of your favourite foods, improved ability to speak, and self-esteem), so let’s examine a few of the ways dentures can positively affect your appearance. 




The smile is often one of the first things you notice when you meet a new person. A person with cracked, broken, or missing teeth may be hesitant to smile — which can directly impact that person’s overall level of happiness. 


A new set of dentures, whether they’re partial, complete, or denture over implants, can restore your smile to its previous brilliance. Patients who require complete extractions can also choose immediate dentures, so they never have to miss a day without teeth.

Dentures also replace worn or yellowing teeth with bright, pearly white teeth. With proper maintenance and care, your dentures will stay white for years to come. 


All of our dentures are designed to look and feel natural — many people may not even realize you’re wearing them. During your free consultation, our friendly denturists will recommend the right product to reproduce your youthful smile. 




Missing teeth can cause your face and jaw to sink prematurely. Sunken features are a major reason why some people look older — dentures can support your face and jaw to keep shrinkage at bay.

When a patient is missing teeth, the body begins to break down the bone where the teeth once were. This process is called bone resorption — learn more about it here.


Dentures provide much needed stimulation to your mouth and jaw to keep bone resorption at bay. Dentures over implants, with anchor points surgically inserted into the jaw, are particularly effective at fighting bone resorption. These anchor points serve as an artificial tooth root, which tells the body to keep producing jawbone material. 


Gaps in your natural teeth can cause your other teeth to shift. Shifting teeth can lead to uneven stresses and unnecessary wear and tear. Dentures remedy these issues by providing much-needed support to your teeth and jaw — reducing the risk of inflammation and shrunken features. 




A new set of dentures will likely change your appearance — for the better. It’s a myth that dentures make people look older. The right denture will take years off your appearance, in addition to making your life easier. 


By restoring your smile with a custom-made denture from The Denture & Implant Centre, you can reclaim the smile of your youth. Contact our Red Deer offices today and schedule a free consultation with one of our oral health professionals.