Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal in Tempe:
Understanding the Procedure and Finding Care

If you are experiencing tooth pain or sensitivity, you may be in need of a root canal service in Tempe. While the mere mention of this procedure may send shivers down your spine, understanding what it involves and finding the right dental care can alleviate your concerns. Trust Tempe Family Dentistry for your dental root canal procedure in Tempe.

Root Canal in Tempe: What is a Root Canal and is it Painful?

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Root Canal Infection Warning Signs

A root canal procedure is performed when the nerve of the tooth becomes infected or the pulp becomes damaged. During a root canal procedure, the nerve and pulp are removed, and the inside of the tooth is cleaned and sealed.  The procedure is also known as an endodontic treatment and the treatment can last from one to two office visits depending on the level of infection.  A tooth that has had a root canal the tooth has the ability to last a lifetime as long as the patient keeps up with brushing, flossing and good overall oral hygiene.  

Is a root canal painful?

Root canal procedures have the reputation of being painful. Actually, most people report that the procedure itself is no more painful than having a filling placed. The discomfort experienced in the period leading up to seeking dental care is truly painful, not the root canal procedure itself.  Dentistry has had many advancements and procedures or treatments that are perceived as painful are’t really any more painful than a filling or teething cleaning.  To help numb the area the dentist will work on you are given a shot in the gums.  The shot feels like a very small pinch and isn’t uncomfortable.  We can even use a numbing cream before any oral shots are given and that even makes most of the dental procedures almost pain free. 

Common Symptoms:

  • Severe toothache pain with chewing or application of pressure to the area
  • Prolonged sensitivity (pain) to hot or cold temperatures, even after the hot or cold items have been removed
  • Swelling and tenderness in gums
  • Discoloration (darkening) of the tooth or teeth

If you live in the Tempe area or surrounding communities and you are suffering from some of the above symptoms give us call:  Tempe Family Dentist  (480) 839-0330

Root Canal Treatment in Tempe:
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Our skilled team offers expert root canal service in Tempe, AZ ensuring precise and effective care for your dental needs. We prioritize patient comfort throughout the root canal treatment process, utilizing advanced techniques and sedation options to minimize discomfort and anxiety and with our dedication to quality care and attention to detail, you can trust us to deliver successful outcomes and restore the health and function of your smile.

In order to guarantee patient comfort, sedation or other pain control techniques may be necessary especially when it comes to root canals, Tempe. To assist patients feel less anxious and uncomfortable during root canal treatments, we also offer sedation dentistry services. Our staff will go over your alternatives for pain management with you and make sure you’re comfortable at every turn.

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